Abide Studio exists to empower individuals, ministries, and businesses to become who they were created to be and to do what they were created to do. Through one-on-one coaching, prophetic and inner healing ministry, workshops, and conferences Deborah Gall answers the call to assist others in finding their way in this journey called life. Her creativity extends beyond the spoken word to the written word and paintings that express the Father's heart of unconditional love and a passion for God's redemptive power in our lives.


Deborah Gall has been a professional visual artist for over 30 years. Her experience in ministry spans two decades. In 2004 the Lord married her passion for art with sharing God's unconditional love when she and husband Rick opened Abide Studio in The Factory of Franklin. For 10 years she combined her retail art studio and gallery with the ministry of the Father's love in the marketplace ministry that was birthed in her retail space.

Deborah's unique combination of business and ministry success enables her to bring a spiritual and practical approach to her coaching ministry for artists, start up ministries, businesses, and individuals.

In 2014 Abide Studio moved out of a retail location to focus on the ministry of empowering others to discover their God given identity and live their destiny to its fullest. The Word and ministry is spread through conferences, newsletters, and one-on-one appointments.


By donating to Abide Studio you are enabling the ministry to reach more people who are hungry for the truth of who God created them to be and thirsty for the Word of God that will direct them to do what God created them to do. The expansion of Abide Studio from a home office includes publishing Deborah's books "Created For So Much More" and "A Guided Journal to Soaring With God," expanding the message to groups who cannot afford the expense of hosting a guest speaker, as well as expanding the audience via the internet through an interactive website, Your Tube channel, social media posts, webinars, and newsletters.

 "If each of us fully discover and embrace our identity in Christ and operate in the gifts, purpose, and destiny for which we were created lives would change. The Kingdom of God would expand here on earth and the world would change to the glory of God.

Won't you join me in spreading the influence of Jesus in our world? Your donation matters.

Thank you in advance!"   Deborah



Nashville, Tennessee

Level 1: Made to Create: Donation of $250-$499

Level 2: Song to the Lord: Donation of $500-$999

Level 3: So Much More: Donation of $1000-$2499 (fill in the appropriate amount below)

Level 4: On Wings of Eagles: Donation of $2500 and above (fill in the appropriate amount below)

See Deborah's website at https://deborahgall.com/partner/ to learn more about the benefits of becoming an event sponsor


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