Abortion Must End Now!

Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into conflict with abortion

A ministry of Brent Buckley

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

This is one of those quotes that you might see at the beginning of an action movie. After it scrolls across your screen you get a sense of what’s to follow: lots of carnage where the hero ultimately wins in the end. 

But the truth is life isn’t a movie. Heroes are few and far between and evil seems to be most definitely triumphing. 

You don’t need to look much farther than your nearest city to see this is true. There you will find a Planned Parenthood  or other abortion facility killing babies in the wombs of their mothers unabated.  

We are killing 3,000 babies a day in the United States of America! That is equivalent to one baby every 30 seconds! 

But let me tell you how you and I can change that. 

Three years ago God convicted me of my apathy towards abortion and my lack of obedience to his command to go into all the world and shine the light of the Gospel in the dark corners of our culture. There is no darker place than abortion clinics where children are being  killed, and so my journey began. 

I started going to abortion clinics throughout the state of Indiana offering help, hope and  love through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pleading with mothers and fathers not to kill their babies and reaching out to the surrounding community with the Gospel. 

The result has been 4 years of ministering in front of abortion clinics whenever I can get time off from my full-time job.

Now God is leading me into deeper waters.

The Lord has convicted me again, calling me from part-time to full-time ministry rescuing babies from abortion.  God has called me to be a missionary to our preborn neighbors!  Instead of a few days a week,  He is calling me to spend everyday laboring to rescue babies!  The Lord is asking me to step out in faith, to leave my secular job and salary to go to work for Him proclaiming the glories of His Gospel to the mothers, fathers and surrounding community who so desperately need it. By giving up my salary, I will than become reliant upon partners/donors to provide for my family to do this full time.

My role is important on the front lines, and your role is just as important! This is where you and I have an opportunity to impact our culture and set evil on it’s heels. Some people are called to go while others are called to support.  If I don’t have support, then I don’t go.  If I don’t go, then we miss opportunities for babies to  have a chance at life!  I am excited about partnering with you to save babies in a mission that will bring glory to God! It’s time for good to triumph and for the evils of abortion to be made a footstool for the Lord’s feet. Will you help by partnering with me? 


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