Thank you in advance for your prayerful and financial support of my mission to see more people equipped to effectively re-present Christ in the conversations of the day. I could not do what I do without partners in the gospel like you-- nor would I want to!

New Opportunities, Same Mission

For this very reason, I am excited about the work God has called us to in 2024. Once in a generation, the International Lausanne Committee invites the world to gather together at strategic times and in strategic places— bringing thousands of Christians leaders to one place for a week of prayer, worship, collaboration and encouragement with the mission to reach the world for Jesus. 

The vision of Lausanne is aligned with the work I do each day and week through  Mornings with Carmen on Faith Radio and our resources on So I am thrilled to I have been invited to participate in their next gathering, the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (L4) being held in Seoul, South Korea, this September.  I will be one of only 300 Americans to attend this global gathering of 5,000 Christians. 

Specifically, I have been asked to help moderate a break out session during the conference. What a privilege. What an opportunity.

Your Partnership

I am told the total cost of my participation in this historic gathering will be $12,000. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of money to gather with other Christians but I feel confident in the Lord’s leading and where He calls, He is always faithful to supply. So, here I am, asking for your help in making this mission possible. 

I am also sponsoring a participant from a nation where they live on less than a dollar a day. This sponsorship is critical to ensuring the gathering is truly global and includes Christian leaders from every background and context. This opportunity to learn, work and grow together with Christians from around the world is something I am the most anticipating during L4.

Specifically my needs include: 

  • My conference fee, including the sponsorship of another Christian leader, is $3000. 
  • My flight will cost  $3000, and while I intend to share a room with another participant, the cost of the room for the 8 nights is still going to be another $2500.
  • The remainder of my funds will go toward food, materials and additional travel expenses. 

Do you have $10 to fill up the tank?

Thanks to the giving of generous partners, I am well on my way to Korea! Would you consider giving $10 or $20 to filling up the tank? To be fully funded and ready for L4, I need to raise these funds by May 20. 

Help share Jesus with the World

To learn more about Lausanne  and the vision for the upcoming conference, watch this video: 

Please begin praying now for the fourfold vision of Lausanne 4: the gospel for every person, disciple-making churches for every people and place, Christ-like leaders for every church and sector, and kingdom impact in every sphere of society.  You know how thoroughly aligned I am personally and professionally with this mission. Please pray for God’s blessing and hand upon me as I prepare and participate. 

This vision is exciting-- and so providentially aligned to the work we are already doing together to help equip people to re-present Christ every day and in all ways. Will you help me bring this message to the world?



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