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We need your help!  CoParenting International continues to equip divorced parents, never-married parents, step-parents and grandparents with HOPE, tools and resources that allow children to THRIVE in complex family situations.

Your financial partnership will help us:
* Develop and produce life-changing curriculum and resources
* Provide scholarships and no-cost consultations for families that need financial assistance
* Increase our reach at national and international conferences where we have the privilege of speaking to other professionals about the nuances of coparenting

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Upcoming Projects

Unplanned Grandparenting

Quite often, "unplanned grandparents" are unprepared for the many challenges of becoming grandparents without the traditional timeline of their children dating, getting married, and then having children.  This video curriculum will equip soon-to-be grandparents with HOPE, help, and practical strategies to walk their children with grace through an unexpected timeline as they choose life for their unborn baby.  Releasing Fall, 2023

Coparenting for Military Families

Support for military families impacted by divorce, never married, and step-family dynamics is highly sought-after.  CoParenting International and Jay and Tammy Daughtry are frequently asked to speak specifically to the military community and will also be featured covering this topic at an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Conference in the Fall of 2023.  With your help, we plan to develop this curriculum into a video series so it is easily accessible to families, counselors, pastors, or anyone that is coming alongside offering hope in this unique situation.

Self-Paced Online CoParenting Classes

While in person and interactive CoParenting Classes are preferred, sometimes there are circumstances where that is not possible.  We plan to create a self-paced, online curriculum that would allow parents to receive this material at their own pace and on their own timeline if needed. Our classes satisfy court-mandated CoParenting education requirements in many states around the country. 


We have completed a four month qualitative study of One Heart, Two Homes with a doctoral class at a local university. Doctoral students spoke with facilitators around the country who have been using the One Heart, Two Homes resource. This study has prepared the way to begin the quantitative research that will create the "evidence based outcomes" for how parents engage with the content of One heart, Two Homes.  Essentially, we will have data showing the effectiveness of the program and how children's hearts are more protected when their parents coparent well, using our curriculum!  This will allow us to create national partnerships with a variety of parent organizations once the research is complete.  Estimated completion, Fall 2024

Recent Accomplishments

One Heart, Two Homes in Spanish

Because of your support, One Heart, Two Homes is now available in Spanish! We are excited for the impact the program is already making within pregnancy centers, ministries, churches and families! 

¡Bendiciones a nuestra familia hispana!

CoParenting Strategist Certification

We created a 16 module, 10-hour training called The Coparenting Strategist Certification to equip counselors, social workers, or leaders who are in a professional field of helping complex families. This course is designed to give each person a two day training at their own pace.  This certification class has been offered in person over the last 7 years, and we are very thankful to expand our reach to those that live outside of our area and equip them with tools and strategies to help even more families and children.

We are in the process of securing CEU accreditation for this certification and plan to offer that in Fall 2023.

CoParenting Classes

Separated and divorced parents learn critical skills and cover important topics so they can navigate the complexities of raising children between two households.  This class is offered monthly in person and via Zoom and satisfies  court mandated coparenting education.

National (and International) Outreach

Because of your giving, we have been able to expand our offerings and reach across the nation, and now into other countries, to further the impact of providing HOPE to families along the CoParenting Journey!

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