How to Bring Order, Restore Peace and Live Life Freely

Join Ruth McDe on this 5 week course and go from clutter, frustration and 

overwhelm to a tidier home, clarity of mind and a light heart, starting on day one.


Do you keep telling yourself you need to declutter but you never get around to it? You want to. You need to. But it doesn’t happen.

Now is your opportunity to do it with a group of women on the same mission - clean out, declutter, accomplish the goal, and experience the freedom it brings. Enjoy the team spirit, accountability, laughter and change, as your load gets lighter and you become a do-er.

We’ll tackle what’s cluttering your head too.The negative thoughts that keep popping up, stress, and the ‘to do’ lists that interrupt your peace of mind.

And, most importantly, we’ll address the ‘stuff’ in your heart so you can find true freedom, peace, and the ability to live the purpose God created for you.

You don’t need to organize your stuff, 

you need to remove the clutter!

·The average American spends a year of their life searching for lost items.  U.S. News and World Report

·Eliminating clutter would reduce the time spent on housework by 40%.  National Soap and Detergent Association

·1 in 11 U.S. households spend up to $1,000 a year renting storage space for their stuff.  The Self Storage Association

Like so many women, Megan struggled with overwhelm.  There were too many dirty clothes waiting to be laundered, dishes to be washed and floors to be mopped.  The bill payments were behind and she needed to renew her car tags.  And there was the chore of keeping up with the kids' homework, along with all the other paperwork that was out of control.  She had no idea where to even start.  Week 2, she sobbed as she shared how hopeless life seemed, but through the tears she let go of so much when she realized she had the tools to conquer the overwhelm and walk in control and confidence.  And she did!

Do any of these words apply to you?

Overwhelm            Clutter            Chaos            Unproductive            Disorder               

   Untidy                    Lazy               Mess              Frustration               Confusion               


New habits are hard to make and bad habits are harder to break, but Hillary debunked that during the Declutter Life group.  She used this system and created a new habit of clearing up her kitchen every single night starting in week 2. She's onto her next new habit! 


Declutter Life is a 5 week group that meets in a home, business, church, online, etc.  Each session consists of:

      a teaching by Ruth 

      discussion time 





You will be stretched (gently) and given practical steps to declutter your home, your mind and the deep places in your heart.  At each meeting you will be equipped with a plan and tools to accomplish your goals for the week ahead.

Which words do you want to apply to you?

Happy              Organized            Calm            Focused             Timely

                     Ordered            Productive           Tidy             Freedom             Peace                       


Jen came to support her friend because she didn't need a declutter class.  Turns out, she was one of the best students.  She realized her home was tidy as long as no one looked inside the closets and cabinets.  But not anymore.  Jen cleared out ALL the clutter and says she feels more free than she ever has.

We use downloads that includes; teaching, questions, Bible study and journaling.  You will also be added to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other women on the same journey.  You can connect regularly with Ruth in the group.


· Local live events available in Middle Tennessee

· Live online groups available globally

Group schedule:

      Week 1 Home

      Week 2 - Home II  

      Week 3 - Head 

      Week 4 - Heart

      Week 5 - Hope

Cost for a limited time only:


                                                                        $19 US per person



Declutter Life Groups:

New Jersey - begins Monday, February 20th at 7pm CST, 8pm EST Private Home Group

Columbia (Square) - begins Wednesday, March 1st at 1:30pm in Tennessee Coffee Company

Spring Hill, TN - begins Wednesday, February 1st 2023 at 6:30pm Private Home Group

Mt Pleasant, TN - begins Wednesday, January 11th 2023 at 1:30pm in the Public Library

Spring Hill, TN - begins Thursday, January 12th 2023 at 6:30pm in The Fainting Goat

Spring Hill, TN - begins Thursday, January 19th 2023 at 10am Legacy Coffee Co

Online groups coming soon - check back for dates

Check back for more groups or contact us to host one in your home, church, business, etc.  Email: [email protected]

  • Tennessee Coffee Company

  • New Jersey - Rivera private home group


  • Declutter Life Group

    Declutter Life Group

    Click once per person

    $19.00 ea.


Check your email box for Declutter Life group confirmation. Be sure you are friends with Ruth at You will be added to the private Facebook group, Declutter Life just before your group starts. Downloads will  be emailed before the group starts too, so be sure you print them out and bring them to the first class. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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