Founders: Jay & Tammy Daughtry

As adult children of divorce, single parents, and stepparents, Tammy and Jay S. Daughtry have an immense passion for children and parents impacted by divorce and remarriage. They both have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Tammy founded Co-Parenting International (2003), an organization aimed at helping divorced/divided parents raise healthy kids in complex families. Together they opened The Center for Modern Family Dynamics (2014) to provide relationship support for individuals, couples, children, and leaders. They speak nationally at many relationship conferences and train counselors, therapists, children's leaders, school administrators, military leaders and social workers to empower them to work with children and families in their communities.
The "One Heart, Two Homes: Co-parenting Kids of Divorce to a Positive Future" digital resource is offered around the country in an effort to help divided parents raise well-adjusted, amazing children impacted by divorce, stepfamily and in never-married situations. We are excited to announce a matching grant that will allow us to translate the audio, video and all printed materials into SPANISH to extend the reach and impact for parents and children!!

We will also be creating additional video content to serve military families, co-parents impacted by special needs children as well as a strategic resource to be used in pregnancy centers. We believe there is ALWAYS HOPE!! 

THANK YOU for taking time to consider a true PARTNERSHIP to help us bring HOPE and HEALING into families all around the world! It would be an HONOR to have you join us as a monthly partner or by helping with one of the major projects listed below. To schedule a tour or discuss opportunities further, please call 615-871-4264.

Join us and become a true "CHAMPION" FOR CHILDREN! We are changing the world, one parent and one child at a time! Thank you for helping our team make a life-changing difference for children!


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