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Jay & Tammy Daughtry, MMFTs

The Center for Modern Family Dynamics exists to offer counseling, research and resource development, education on single-parent and step-parent co-parenting, to promote strong families and create educational opportunities around the country. The "One Heart, Two Homes" co-parenting class and resource is offered on an on-going basis in Nashville at the Center and at various local organizations who are committed to helping kids and families impacted by divorce and remarriage as well as well as helping never-married parents raise amazing kids, even when life is complicated.

We believe there is ALWAYS HOPE!! 

THANK YOU for taking time to consider a true PARTNERSHIP to help us bring HOPE and HEALING into families all around Middle TN! It would be an HONOR to have you join us as a monthly partner or by helping with one of the major projects listed below. To schedule a tour or discuss opportunities further, please call 615.871-4264.

Join us and become a true CHAMPION FOR CHILDREN!

Make An Impact On Someone's Life - A Priceless Blessing!

  • Counseling Scholarships for Children & Adults

    Counseling Scholarships for Children & Adults

    The counseling center is located in Nashville and includes 3 offices, a children's play therapy room and a seminar/group room. Counseling scholarships for children, adults, couples and individuals make it possible for hurting people to get the help they need, regardless of their financial means. Every dollar goes directly to clients in need. Photos of the counseling spaces can be viewed at

  • National Mental Health Conventions

    National Mental Health Conventions

    As a way to expand and extend our recourses on co-parenting, there are six strategic conventions that we seek to present and exhibit at. Those events involve approximately $3,000 per event (travel, hotel, rental car, meals, exhibit booth fees, marketing fees for ad in event program, follow up campaign). These include: American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, National Association of Relationship and Marriage Educators, American Association of Christian Counselors, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, California Collaborative Professionals, General Assembly of the Nazarene Church. By participating in these conventions the national and international reach will be over 100,000 professionals and leaders around the globe.

  • Marketing Campaign for Counseling Center

    Marketing Campaign for Counseling Center

    We would like to do a monthly, strategic campaign to help raise awareness of the counseling center via social media, radio and partnership with several local organizations (Chamber of Commerce, Pastors Organization, etc.). Approximately $750 per month will help make a very important difference in expanding the awareness of the counseling center.

    $750.00 ea.

  • Research Project: "One Heart, Two Homes" Curriculum

    Research Project: "One Heart, Two Homes" Curriculum

    We will be doing an 18 month research project to acquire measurable feedback on the 10 week curriculum that was launched in 2014. We will take approximately 1,000 parents through the program with facilitators across the country. We will assess the levels of anxiety of the children and parents before taking the 10 week class; assess at the end of the 10 week and again 6 months later. The goal is to come away with evidence based research to share with educators and leaders around the country. This will allow us to be more strategically engaged with public schools and higher education institutes. We have an experienced research consultant who will direct the overall process and ultimately create the final outcome of the research project. He will work with us for approximately 2 years overall. The funds needed will cover his expenses and the materials needed to facilitate those 1,000 parents and children in the process. Initial funds needed are $20,000 with an additional $10,000 in the second year. More information about "One Heart, Two Homes" can be reviewed at

  • Frequent Flier Miles

    Frequent Flier Miles

    We appreciate any donation of frequent flier miles to help offset travel expenses for conventions and trainings. Please contact Jay or Tammy Daughtry directly to discuss details.

    $0.00 ea.

  • In-Kind Donations

    In-Kind Donations

    We appreciate in-kind donations for printing, paper goods, event supplies, door prizes, auction items, therapeutic resources, office supplies, etc. We are also seeking art supplies and instruments to expand the art therapy and music therapy offered in 2018. A charitable donation receipt can be given for any of these items. Please contact Jay or Tammy Daughtry directly to discuss ideas at 615.871-4264. Thank you!

    $0.00 ea.

  • Art Therapy  2020

    Art Therapy 2020

    We are planning to expand our services to offer art therapy in a variety of formats: painting, drawing, clay, textiles and more. The funds for establish this will help with supplies and the opportunity to have an art therapist available to support children and adults when needed.

  • Music Therapy 2020

    Music Therapy 2020

    We have a wonderful space for music to be used for therapy as well as the creation of music by songwriters and creatives. We seek to buy a few guitars, keyboard, rhythm instruments and a basic sound system to utilize with music therapy. Instruments can also be donated for an in-kind contribution.

  • Children's Pastors Conference Jan 2020

    Children's Pastors Conference Jan 2020

    Bag Insert Fee and Creative Item to Promote One Heart, Two Homes to 2,000 Attendees - First Time for CoParenting International to be at this event. Tammy is speaking twice. **This is a very significant opportunity!!

  • Children's Books: One Heart, Two Homes - Now I Live Between My Mom's House & My Dad's House

    Children's Books: One Heart, Two Homes - Now I Live Between My Mom's House & My Dad's House

    We are developing 4 kids books to help children navigate the on-going transitions between homes with hope and to help mom and dad understand what kids need when they live between two spaces. Each book is approx. $5,000 from start to launch. The ages will include: Toddler, Elementary, Middle School and High School. Thank you for helping us create these very needed resources to give kids a voice and to engage parents in an important dialogue with their children. **Each book will have a "Tips for Mom & Dad" section to help parents understand what kids need when they have complex family dynamics.

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