Fords on a Mission is an ordinary family pursuing an extraordinary calling. As a family of five, we are choosing a life of radical obedience. Our passion is to see God's love and care for people known from Nashville to the Nations.


Our mission is two-fold: first, we seek to share the gospel through prayer and evangelism in the communities God leads us, whether in the streets, festivals, prisons, board rooms, or churches; second, we desire to empower leaders to lead and help create sustainable ministry endeavors in areas of need. Our desire is to share the love of God in both practical and spiritual ways. 


Empower leaders to lead through counsel, training, and mentorship;

Invest in trustworthy  people and projects to support and sustain the global Body of Christ, improving health, well-being, and stability for those in vulnerable situations (small-business loans, medical bill assistance, food assistance, establish training centers, etc.).

Pray in strategic places throughout  the world as God directs us - to pray onsite with His insight;

Teach and preach as opportunity arises, particularly with the goal of reaching the outsiders and outcasts of culture.

For more info about our ministry e-mail us at:  [email protected]

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