Mchungaji Mwema Preschool in Kuwinda
Good Shepherd Preschool Kuwinda is now Mchungaji Mwema Preschool!

They worked out this new name as they were going through the long process of getting officially recognized in Kenya as a Community Based Organization. It was a big step and will allow more fundraising efforts to happen both in the US and in Kenya!

As a very short update, 

  • 2023 will begin the first year since Covid that the Kenyan school system is back to its normal schedule.
  • Their normal schedule is 3 months on and 1 month off throughout the year.
  • There are about 30 students this year!
  • This is the first full year that the school has been run by a Governing Committee, and having that level of support from the community is encouraging.
  • This is also the first full year that the school has been able to hire an assistant teacher, assistant cook, and fan administrator! The school is growing! 

Financial goals for 2023

  • Repair leaking roof and upgrade kitchen to meet simple safety standards - $2,500
  • Buy a locking cabinet for storage and other useful furniture and supplies - $1,500 
  • Offering health insurance coverage to the employees - $6,000
  • Regular operating costs - $12,000

All of your donations really do make a difference in the community of Kuwinda, the lives of these young children, and the lives of the school's employees. You are providing food, a quality education, and jobs. Thank you! 


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