Global Equip Ministries

MISSION: Training Leaders to Reach the World for Christ 

· There is a pressing need for indigenous pastors & evangelists to receive more preparation in teaching God’s word and leading Christ’s church. Global Equip Ministries: 

1) develops curricula, based on traditional, orthodox, sound doctrine and theology, 

2) teaches that curricula on site, and 

3) equips local church leaders to upgrade their own training capacities. 

· We facilitate U.S. pastors to travel overseas to participate in these training programs. We know they will return with vision to infuse their own congregations with life-changing love for the world and zeal for missions.

· Global Equip partners primarily with Love-N-Care Ministries International to serve leaders in India, Africa and beyond. We serve as de facto U.S. Ambassadors for LNC.


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