Join us as we launch this next chapter of our journey. Gallinger Productions has been providing quality sound reinforcement to the community for the last five years.

We have stood firm on this foundational quote from Doug Gould, “If you don’t hear the Word clearly, with clarity, intelligibility…then nobody’s hearts get changed and nobody’s life’s are transformed. We are the critical gate keeper of the conduit that allows the Word of God to enter the hearts and minds and souls of the people. This is probably one of the most critical positions in the church.”

With your help, we are now taking this assignment to another level and re-branding.  There are plans to continue offering Live Production, developing a studio to help with others find their gifts and talents, and the discussion of coordinating an indie label support network.

With the backing of A.C.T. Intl and your partnership, we will continue to have an impact in our communities.


Almost done, where should we send the confirmation?

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