Music is the language of the spirit. It can change the world because it can change people. Where mere words fail, music speaks. Music is one of the greatest gifts and tools that God has given us; yet, it is just that a tool. Music does not replace our need for God; rather, it helps us to grow closer to Him. Ministry through music comes with a great burden and responsibility. Because of its potency, we must handle music with care ensuring its message is God-honoring and for His glory not our own.

Therefore, our purpose is to unashamedly give a reason for the hope [faith] that we have in Jesus through the transformative power/influence of music and artistic expression (1 Peter 3:15). We strive to accomplish this through transparency and authenticity (Ephesians 4:25) while maintaining a spirit of quality and excellence that is worthy of Him. Through more than just music, we intend to serve the community within our reach directly, intentionally, and lovingly (Galatians 5:13) through fellowship and with humility.

We are Damon and Sharon Curtis, and we are full-time "musicianaries" serving as staff members of The Extreme Tour (an outreach and missions ministry project). We have been a part of the core staff since 2019 and now contribute our talents, experience, and assistance to the important work of carrying hope and love to hurting and broken people around the world; and, awakening and raising up artists and creatives to use their gifts in the same way.

We are committed to serving these communities, and artists and creatives, by providing a non-traditional outreach resource to our local partners both domestically and abroad. By bringing an engaging and FREE event to our partner communities which includes music and activities that appeal to our target audience, a setting is created where we, along with our partners, are able to DEMONSTRATE the love of God with no strings attached. In this space, services and resources that meet the critical needs of the community are made available.

As musicianaries, we have unique access to areas and arenas on the mission field that may be out of reach of traditional ministry. Because of this unique opportunity, we can take the reason for the hope that we have in Christ to areas that would, otherwise, be overlooked or neglected. 

This is more than just full-time ministry. This is a call to service, and we are committed to being obedient in responding to this call. We would love for you to prayerfully consider how you may be able to partner with us in this effort. We invite you to experience our Ministry In Action; and, to learn more about how you can help us to open hearts, open minds, and change lives.


. . . To reach a disenfranchised and underserved people group with an authentic and effective demonstration and declaration of God's love and the Gospel using music and artistic expression.


. . . To connect local at-risk, counterculture, and unchurched people groups to the churches and agencies in their communities who have a heart to welcome and serve them long-term.

Give A Gift and Join Our Community

As a part of our ministry community, you help make it possible for us to serve as full-time staff members of The Extreme Tour by mobilizing creatives to demonstrate and then declare the love of Christ so that we can effectively open hearts, open minds, and change lives! Thank you in advance for your consideration; and, we humbly thank you for your prayers and your support!

To give a secure online gift, please fill out the form below. If you would prefer to mail in a gift, please forward it to:

Artists In Christian Testimony Intl., Attn: IDP Music, PO Box 1649, Brentwood, TN 37024


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