Jesus Prince of Peace Ministries

A school & orphanage in Uganda, providing a future built on the HOPE and PRESENCE of Christ.

Jesus Prince of Peace is a managed school and orphanage founded by Ugandans with a vision to provide hope for impoverished children in the Budaka area of Uganda. We're serving over 150 orphaned children age 3-12 who are often parentless and homeless, facing starvation and early death. Donor funds help serve the ministry by providing caregivers, food, education and health care all while working toward the restoration to homes if possible. 

These are children who would otherwise go without an education, proper food and nutrition as well as their daily care needs; basic health care and a safe place to sleep.

Our goal is not only to feed, clothe, educate and provide shelter, but to provide parental training and support leading to family reconciliation and restoration. This family source community-based approach helps to develop healthier long term communities. The long term vision involves building sustainable opportunities for families to grow and thrive.

Will you partner with us in caring for the needs of the most helpless of all populations–orphaned children–in the name of Jesus Christ? All donations are fully tax deductible and all funds, less 11% administrative costs, will go directly to the ministry.  One-time gifts are always welcome but MONTHLY support is especially appreciated!

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