To stimulate a catalytic event between people of need and the love of Jesus 


Create Music that Changes lives/Communicates Hope/Deepens our Understanding

     My God-given passion and gift is to craft lyrics, melodies and experiences, seeking to bring an answer to the hope that I have to all whom God puts in my path.   

     Music has been a key language of influence in people communicating passion and light to me throughout my life. In turn, songwriting and the performances I have been giving over the years have become a way for me to convey my own experiences and the hope that I have come to enjoy. Music is a wonderful combination of sharing both truth and the emotions that come with it, an exploration of all the wonderful and soul-changing pieces of the heart with others. 

     I don't lean on my own understanding, but I explore my thoughts and present them to my Lord, and then with those people He puts me in front of, that we may reason together and come into a deeper understanding of the relationship of God's grace, hope and love, presented mainly through this amazing language we call Music. 

Music speaks to me. 

Now I use its beautiful ability to speak to others.

     Join me in this journey by partnering with me. Help create a freedom to take the Light of the world anywhere we are given to go. Together let us reach the hearts of those whom God places in my path. 

Together we can go wherever He leads!

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