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 Steve and Miki Thrall

Our ministry for 30 years in Paris included church planting, teaching urban ministry courses and consultations, pastoral work in three different Parisian churches, launching a Christian theater company (La Compagnie des Actes), Christian musicals (Semailles et Création), working with a Christian artist association (La Fonderie), running a multi-purpose arts space in the heart of Paris (Le Pavé d’Orsay). We were also involved in a mission effort helping in the development of a music ministry project called Music for Madagascar. Many of these ministries in Paris and beyond continue, but in September 2018 we moved to Normandy to create an artists' residence at La Pommeraie.  

In addition, Steve teaches as an adjunct professor for Asbury University for their Paris Semester,  the Institut de Théologie pour la Francophonie (Montreal), and Bakke Graduate University. Steve also serves on the executive leadership team of Arts+ , a European association that links arts ministries across the continent. 

 We have three adult children, Rebecca (’86) who is married to Julien, Sarah (’89) who is married to Jérémie, and Jonathan (’95). We also have four grandsons, Elijah (’13), Noah (’15), Micah (’18), and Joshua ('21). 

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Ministry at La Pommeraie

In discipling Christian artists we collaborate with churches in France to help them open up to the arts, and to care for the artists in their midst. In our work with artists we have found that many have discovered a spiritual facet of life and that they desire to know more. We also recognize the need that all artists have to find a quiet place to focus and concentrate in order to create. 


YouTube video : La Pommeraie

We invite artists to come to La Pommeraie to rest and reflect and find new sources of inspiration. The heart of what we offer is found at the intersection of art, Christian faith and culture. Our desire is to see artists explore, develop and create artwork, while opening doors to a deeper spiritual encounter with our God, the Great Creator. 

We purchased this beautiful property with the help of a generous bridge loan which allows us to continue our fundraising.  To help reimburse the loan and further develop this ministry, go to "Desired Donation Method" below then "select fund" and click on La Pommeraie Project (fund 7146).   If you want to know more please write to us at [email protected]



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