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Your support through prayer and giving helps us to bring the Gospel, through our gifts, to wherever the Lord wants us to. Our job is to break chains, not banks, so if the ministries and neighborhoods cant afford to bring us and our team, your faithful contributions help us to make it there. When we say, "Send me Lord, I'll go", your gift is a supplying God's need in the sending.

Lost Now Found also does much work in our community to help families in need. We also have Trade Schools, including one that we own, Legacy Barber College, that we give scholarships to those who are looking for honest work once they decide to give their life to Christ and leave the streets. We are "Vision Runners" and our goal is to help people find out God's vision for their lives and then equip them with the resources for them to run with it. Your donation makes opportunities like these possible for people who might have been ready to give up on life to find Christ, be discipled while earning a licence in a profitable field, which can completely change and transform lives. 

Our monthly partners help enable us to do the most in reaching people. Thank you for your consideration and for your contribution.

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