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According to the CDC in 2020-2021, there were 100,000+ overdose deaths, more Americans died from drug overdoses in this period than in any other time in our history. The spikes are largely attributed to the rise in use of "fentanyl" that is flooding into America. 

Another lesser known statistic 95,000 individuals die each year of alcohol related causes.

We both could have been a statistic, our parents could have "received the call", but God had other plans for us. Our passion is to help those struggling with substance and alcohol use disorders find their recovery road.  There are many recovery roads, our recovery road was Jesus Christ. 

My Recovery Road’s mission is to empower people through all forms of media, music, video, website, online music radio station "My Recovery Road Radio" and recovery teaching publications to create a road out of addiction for themselves and for their families (communities) by helping them locate and utilize the right resources for a life of recovery.

All contributions to My Recovery Road (John and Bridget Lippard) are tax deductible.  My Recovery Road is a department of IMI, Artists in Christian Testimony Intl.


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