"Evie is an amazing woman. She has been a tremendous inspiration to me both spiritually and mentally. As soon as I met her I felt a safety and comfort with her. She has been a very instrumental part of my recovery process. She has encouraged me to keep pushing forward. I am now working and recently got a promotion at work. I know in my heart that if I had not met Evie when I did in those first crucial days of my recovery that my journey would not be what it is today. Anyone is blessed who employs this most amazing woman who is a beautiful creature of God both inside and out.


"After 16 years of being spiritually abused, confused and fearing God, Evie helped me know who God is. One day, after church, which she would take us to every week, I was ready to receive Jesus into my heart. Evie said, "You are God's own; pray, He will hear you." I prayed out loud from my heart. I felt something that day that gave me peace within that I have searched for a long time. I believe you are a God send, Evie. All I have been through in life, I no longer blame God for. I know now just because I can't see does not mean He is not there. Evie is an angel. I love you Evie. Keep doing what you do. You are helping people." S.C.

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