Hello, My name is Kyle Aaron. I am serving in Japan by helping raise up true worshipers in the church! If you are interested in knowing more or wish to partner together in this ministry, please read below to find out how you can get involved.

Niwa () is the Japanese word for Garden, and this ministry is focused first and foremost on growing in Christ through community shaped by God's presence, truth and love. Through connecting and cultivating relationships among believers and training them up in the worship arts, we pray to see a church that understand the heart and art of worship, how it allows us to connect with God and how it builds up the church. Though worship is our platform, this is not just another arts ministry geared towards creatives, but is meant for the church as a whole, so we invite and encourage anyone to join in regardless of whether they think they are creative or not. Our goal is to simply teach, encourage and edify worshipers of God, and let the Holy Spirit work from there. Our hope is that by connecting creative types and believers with other gifts and skills and teaching them to be true worshipers, God would begin to inspire growth in creativity for the church as a whole, leading to expressions of worship that better represent the hearts of Japanese believers for God's glory, and that the worship culture of the church would look more and more like something that seekers and unbelievers will feel welcomed and invited into (as opposed to the largely westernized culture that has turned many away from the church in Japan). 

All of this starts with community (koinonia). While we will host workshops, retreats, worship events and seminars, the heart of this ministry will be around the dinner table and in homes. We believe this is where God can truly cause us to grow as believers and where we learn to express worship from our hearts (Col. 3:14-17, Acts 2:44-47). By becoming true worshipers in the context of fellowship with God and with each other, we pray to see God's Spirit to move in the hearts of believers all throughout Japan not only on Sunday morning, but every day of our lives, and that God would use this true community, bound together in love, to draw in unbelievers.

"They raise their voices, they shout for joy.
From the west they acclaim the Lord ’s majesty.
Therefore in the East give glory to the Lord.
Exalt the name of the Lord , the God of Israel, in the islands of the sea.
From the ends of the earth we hear singing: 'Glory to the Righteous One.'"
-Isaiah 24:14-16a


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