A.C.T. Intl Staff Candidate Orientation

Are you exploring how to use your creative gifts for Kingdom service
within the context of a Non-profit structure?

Are you considering becoming a ministry department or project of A.C.T. Intl?

Then join us for this informative workshop.

This workshop is required of anyone desiring to become a ministry department or project of A.C.T. Intl. It is also an excellent workshop for anyone wanting to know more about creating an arts or music non-profit ministry regardless of your affiliation with A.C.T. Intl.

Several things are accomplished during this Workshop/Orientation:

  • Excellent biblical teaching from Byron Spradlin, founder and president of A.C.T. Intl, on:
    • The Role of the Arts and the Artist in Life & Ministry
    • A Clear Understanding of Worship Becoming a Worshiper
    • A Clear Understanding of Calling
    • Understanding the Differences between Occupation, Business, & Ministry: How do they go together for a life-long ministry?
  • Learn the Foundations for Building a Life-long Arts or Music Ministry
  • Learn how A.C.T. Intl can help you move forward with your ministry goals and dreams
  • Hear from and pray for other artistic and creative Christians seeking to use their gifts for Christ’s glory
  • Receive encouragement and counsel for your own ministry goals

A highlight of our time together is the opportunity to hear from and pray for each participant. Come prepared to share briefly, about 12 minutes, including a piece of your artistic gift (i.e., sing or play a song, show a piece of your art, a section of a story or drama).  We will then pray for you.  This is not an audition just a time to hear your heart and pray for you.

Orientation Fee - $200.00*  for first person or married couple.  $100.00* for each additional member of your ministry team. The Orientation fees help us cover costs of facility rental, meals provided, and all orientation materials for you and other team members.

Locations - Most Orientations are in Nashville, TN; however, we do plan Orientations in other areas when there are sufficient candidates in a particular area to make it feasible.  

*When an Orientation is conducted someplace other than Nashville, TN, there is an additional $100 fee per person or married couple for those who live in the city of the Orientation. Since you save on travel and lodging costs, this fee will help cover the travel expenses of those going to your home town to facilitate the Orientation

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about the Orientation before submitting this registration form, please contact:

ML (Mary Linda) Morlock
[email protected]

Scheduled Orientation Dates

All dates listed below are tentative and require at least 3 registrants before it will be confirmed.

Choose all the dates below that you would be able to attend. Someone will follow-up with you to confirm your Orientation date preference.

2023 Orientation Dates will be posted soon.

  • Last Orientation opportunity in 2022.
    This will be in conjunction with our annual Nashville Gathering of Artists in Ministry & Missions, Nov 4-5, so it'll be a great opportunity to meet some current A.C.T. Intl ministries.

Orientation Fees *

  • Orientation Fee - $200

    Orientation Fee - $200

    Click "Add" once for the first person or married couple..

    $200.00 ea.

  • Additional Support-raising Team Members - $100/person or married couple

    Additional Support-raising Team Members - $100/person or married couple

    Click "Add" for each additional person or married couple beyond the first person or married couple.

    If you are a Support-raising Team Member attending the Orientation after other members of your Department have already attended, this is the fee that you pay.

    $100.00 ea.

  • Non-Support raising team members - $50/person

    Non-Support raising team members - $50/person

    If you are bringing team members who will not be raising support, such as Ministry Accountability Team members or other volunteers who will be helping you. This fee helps us cover extra meals and provides them an Orientation Manual.

    $50.00 ea.

  • Host City Fee - $100/person (or married couple)

    Host City Fee - $100/person (or married couple)

    The fee for Orientations that are conducted someplace other than Nashville, TN is $200.00 + $100 for participants who live in the city of the Orientation and won’t have travel and lodging expenses.

    Add this fee per person for those who live in the city where the orientation is being hosted.

    The fee only applies when the Orientation is somewhere other than Nashville, TN.

    $100.00 ea.

Other Registration Info Needed

A highlight of our time together is the opportunity to hear from and pray for each ministry candidate.  Since it is a small group, a sound system is typically not needed.

  • (Only laptops with HDMI output can be connected to the monitor. If your laptop does not have an HDMI output, save your presentation files to a thumb drive to be loaded to the laptop that will be connected to the monitor)

  • (It will be a small room and small group, so no amplification is provided or needed.)


Payment Info

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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