When I returned to Liberia in 2010, I found a coconut tree, cut down for dead. But there was a REMNANT ROOT still connected to nourishment. It continued to reach to the heavens. I saw this reality many times in the lives of my brothers and sisters as they shared near death stories of how God preserved their lives through war. The 14 year old civil war and the Ebola epidemic is over, but the effects have broken the people and landscape of my homeland.

Thank YOU for joining me in this adventure of a lifetime! I thank the Lord for the opportunity to return HOME to my beloved Liberia and share the goodness of the Lord with my people.

"Lord, I have heard the news about You, I am amazed at what You have done. Lord do great things once again in our time; make those things happen again in our own time." Habakkuk 3:2

Annette de la Haye Cooper

The Opportunity

Using artistic means of communicating and working through pain to raise up a new generation of Christian Leaders in Liberia. Schools (teachers and Head Masters, Bible Schools), Orphanages, Clinics/hospitals; Child Soldier Safe Homes (Hannah Project), Women and Leadership Conferences; Youth Rallies; Working with local NGOs and Pastors; Visiting slums and villages; and others.

The Challenges

  • Many Liberian teachers have a lower education because of the civil war. School supplies (books, pencils, rulers, Bibles, (in local languages as well)
  • Build up school libraries and playgrounds.
  • Teachers/Principal skill training and support.
  • Child Soldiers needing to learn trade/skills for survival (Hair dressing, Carpentry, Cooking/baking, farming, etc)
  • Orphan needs (mosquito netting, bedding, clothing, food- rice, toys, school supplies etc)
  • Medical supplies/support for hospitals and clinics
  • Developing National Leadership both in Churches, Schools, Government.

The Celebrations

  • The Grand Opening of the New ELWA Radio Station Building. The original was destroyed during the war. The temporary building was burned down twice. ELWA Radio Station has been on the air since 1954.
  • The dedication of the New Guest House. This is the home I grew up in which has been uninhabitable for many years due to the war. Many Missionary Kids (MKs) have supported it's rebuild. As MKs we will be dedicating the new guest house to three MKs who died recently, Dan Snyder, Nancy Ackley and Joy, my younger sister.
  • "Family reunion" of MKs who will reconnect on this trip, as we celebrate God's goodness through the dark and light times of our lives.

The Goal

  1. Prayer Support for our team.
  2. Raise $6000 or more for upcoming trip to Liberia in October, November 2017.
  3. Ongoing financial partnership of $1000 per month to prepare for future trips and develop additional resources.
Suggested Amounts

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