Missionary to the Unborn

Welcome to my journey to rescue babies from abortion.  God has called me to be a missionary for the unborn children of Nashville and our nation!  For the last ten years, I have been the lead pastor of Christ Life Community in Smyrna, TN.  Six years ago while in this role, the Lord called me to engage abortion!  So, for the last six years I have gone to the abortion facilities of Nashville and lovingly and truthfully engaged women and men entering these facilities.  I go twice a week for four hours a day, or eight hours per week.  Currently, we are averaging one baby rescued per week!  To date, we have rescued 201 babies from these facilities.  Once the rescue takes place, we then follow up with the moms and meet whatever needs they might face.

In this season, the Lord has called me again, leading me from part-time to full-time ministry to rescue babies from abortion.  God wants me to be a missionary for the unborn!  Instead of eight hours per week,  He is calling me to spend forty to fifty hours weekly to rescue babies.  That could possibly mean that three to five more babies could be rescued per week!  The Lord is asking me to step out in faith.  He wants me to give my salary back to the church and to give up my title as lead pastor.  He has not called me out of the church but to switch roles within the church.  By giving up my salary, I will than become reliant upon partners/donors to provide for my family to do this full time.

If you are here, you are considering becoming a partner/donor with me in this journey.  It takes all kinds of people and giftings to pull this off, and that is the beauty of the church.  Yes, my role is important on the frontlines, and your role is also just as important!  Some people are called to go while others are called to support.  If I don’t have support, then I don’t go.  If I don’t go, then we miss opportunities for more babies to live and have a chance at life!  I am excited about saving more babies, and I’m also excited about partnering with you in a mission that will bring glory to God!  Please call me if you have questions 615-579-1524 or email me at [email protected]

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