Welcome to the official Saving Grace International Ministries (SGIM)  webpage!  

The heartbeat of  SGIM can actually be found in the name, I didn't want to have some meaningless name, but rather a name that meant something and that spoke of the vision and mission that the LORD had called me to! So I invite you to keep reading to see what SGIM and Angelo Gonzales is all about.


"SAVING"- Which means to save the un-born and help to put an end to abortion worldwide. We do this by teaming up with CHRIST-centered pro-life ministries and organizations to partner with them and help them by learning about what they are doing, which does include attending pro-life events around the country and getting behind those CHRIST centered ministries and organizations! Also to set up prayer events to pray for the un-born and stand against abortion. Also to help advocate to for CHRIST centered adoption's for those children who need to be adopted, and help to develop more resources that will help those mothers and even fathers in need that think an abortion is the only way! Because it is not, let's work together to put an end to abortion! 

"GRACE"- For by  GRACE you have been SAVED through FAITH.  And this is not your own doing; it is THE GIFT OF GOD, -Ephesians 2:8 (ESV) 

It is by GRACE we are SAVED, with that as believers in CHRIST we need to boldly take a stand for CHRIST and proclaim the GOSPEL to everyone.  To put it simply the heartbeat of this ministry is to reach people where they are at, and what I mean is to challenge the SAVED to take a stand for CHRIST, well reaching the lost and hurting for the cause of CHRIST.  What I have become known for is as a preacher and honestly that will be my legacy and the legacy of this ministry, as one that preaches the WORD with boldness, conviction and faithfulness with the utmost of integrity. Also I want to bring back "Seeking The Fathers Heart Radio Broadcast" as a podcast. Along with developing different bible based resources to help anyone and everyone to better understand the bible. 

"INTERNATIONAL"- Simply put, is about reaching the world for the cause of CHRIST.  There are so many people around the world that still need to hear the GOSPEL! This ministry is committed to reach those people at all costs. As well as helping them to continue to grown in their relationships with the LORD, and to be a devoted follower of CHRIST!

The Official Bio of Angelo Gonzales of Saving Grace International Ministries.

“Taking a stand for CHRIST, no matter the cost, is a life dedication and soul declaration.”
 Whether it be for a group of youth, a multi-generational service, or just a conversation with someone on the street, the idea of taking a stand for CHRIST is a life creed displayed by Angelo Gonzales, founder and driving force behind Saving Grace International Ministries.
 Angelo was born in Youngstown, OH, but didn’t remain in the Mahoning Valley for very long, as GOD had already begun to place the call on his heart to step outside of the boundaries of “home”, and reach people where they are with HIS message. After a stint at the Teen Mania Ministries Honor Academy in Texas, Angelo began full-time, touring preaching and speaking in late 2007, a position he has maintained ever since.

During the last decade of national travel, Angelo has been truly and uniquely blessed to share the GOSPEL with thousands of people of all ages, placing an emphasis on what it means to plant firmly in the stance that GOD’S WORD is TRUTH. Along the way, he has also had opportunities to share platforms with, and minister alongside great Christian music artists and bands such as Royal Tailor, Manic Drive, Scott Stapp (of Creed), Spoken, Memphis May Fire, A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Fit For A King, Nine Lashes, B. Reith, The Great Transparency, and dozens more. In addition, he has graced stages at a variety of festivals such as Promised Land Fest and Faith Fest, and has spoken at various DNOW youth events.
 Angelo’s ministry has also expanded around the world thanks to radio and television. He has appeared on the SEEDS TV/JCTV, which can be seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). He has also appeared on Crossing Path’s TV ministry in Western Pennsylvania. He has conducted a variety of radio interviews and guest spots on stations such as Solid Gospel Radio (Nashville, TN), WLRY Radio For Life (Lancaster, OH), Kingdom Keys Radio Network (Amarillo, TX), to name a few. He also wrote and produced the weekly radio broadcast “Seeking The Father’s Heart” on Voice Of Truth Radio from 2011-2014. Along with that, Angelo has been featured in HM Magazine’s physical print addition which was distributed all over the U.S. and Canada as well. He has also been featured on HM Magazine’s website also.  
 With an undying passion to preach the WORD of GOD to any and all, and a desire to meet people where they are, Angelo’s intent is to travel all over North America and the world, carrying out the calling placed upon him to get the body of CHRIST to take a stand for the cause of CHRIST. Well reaching the lost and hurting with the GOSPEL. 2019 is a year bursting with renewal and rejuvenation, and with that there are a variety of projects in the works for Angelo and SGIM. The time is now, and there is no time to waste in sharing the GOSPEL with those who so desperately need it. To bring Angelo to your city, please call (904)-229-7494, or email [email protected].




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