(Ministry Director, Stephanie Biggs)

"Building New" in East Africa by cultivating

Faith in God


Authentic worship



Relationships and community are very valuable in Tanzania and all over East Africa. Living and learning together in seminars, projects, and everything else that comes up generates an environment that cultivates spiritual and creative growth. We create out of who we are, and when we are growing in Christ, what we create, whether "Christian" or otherwise, reflects God's glory and Goodness into the world, making the Gospel beautiful.


When a song, for example, is sung in a deeply understood language (heart-language), along with melody and rhythm that speaks to the heart (heart music/arts), the message of the song is communicated directly and deeply into both the heart and mind. This is just as true for other creative forms as it is for music. Ethnodoxology provides the Biblical foundations and research methodology to empower communities to worship God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.


Partnership with Kujenga Upya is multifaceted and dynamic. We work with churches, organizations, and individuals of any sort with whom we find shared, or parallel aims. Prayer and financial partners are a fully integrated, and absolutely vital component in this team. Partnering with Kujenga Upya is more than just a regular donation, praying through a newsletter, or even hosting or producing a seminar. We all work together to build bits of God's kingdom here on earth. Will you join us?

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