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Here are just a few ways it will help!

  • PASTOR OF THE ARTS - As a pastoral staff member, I will be mentoring and encouraging the 500+ missionaries sharing the Gospel around the world with their artistic ministries. I will be calling on them, encouraging them, praying with them. When possible, I will visit them. I will assist the "A.C.T. INTL." organization in whatever way possible, in order to help their mission of over forty years to continue.
  • Tony Goodwin ART N SOUL - Part of the funds will be used to bring my "Art N Soul" event to those unable to attend. "ART N SOUL" is led by this Master Painter, leading the trusting souls through the journey of painting my design on their canvas, one step at a time. I believe everyone can paint and I have proved this over and over, for decades. I want to offer the same opportunity to the less fortunate areas of town,  and to hospitals, sheltered locations as well as other similar situations. I am also offering some one on one visits, to teach some drawing techniques or simply spend time coloring together.
  • CREATIVE WRITING - I will continue to write my "CHURCH ON THE DECK" devotional series on the internet. I will be putting a collection together for the requested devotional book. I have started writing a book on "pain." I will continue to write worship and other songs of exhortation.
  • SINGER/PERFORMER - I will be available to lead in worship and perform my songs of exhortation.
  • GUEST SPEAKER - I will be available to teach the scripture, teach on developing many art forms to improve one's craft, or speak words of encouragement to the faithful.


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