The purpose of The Results Foundation is to help individuals, and groups, achieve the results they desire.

Think Different, Be Different...

In Mark 1:15 Jesus says to repent.  Many times this is explained as an act of merely turning away or running from sin.  However, the Greek word mentanoia means to have a change of mind.  Therefore, the supposition is when a person thinks different they will act different. Thus, thoughts create the beliefs that direct our choices which generates our actions, thus producing the desired results.  Hence, the desired results are achieved by acquiring a new way of thinking.

How we accomplish this...

  • Culinary health Coaching - we work with middle class income earners who may live pay-check to pay-check to help them stretch them grocery budget and prepare healthful delicious meals.  We offer free basic cooking classes and group health coaching to accomplish this goal. 
  • Life Coaching  helps others set goals and develop a plan of action while helping to stay accountable to their values.  Coaching is directed towards those seeking results in specific areas and relationships.  It has been used in schools, with families and those in programs.
  • Talks and Workshops  are captivating talks which offer practical applications that may be put into practice immediately.  Talks have been used in schools, service organizations and those in programs.
  • Leadership Studies look at the lives of biblical characters, how God worked and how to apply the principles in their lives.  The studies have been used for "at-risk-youth", those exiting detention programs and those in current programs.
  • Culinary Team Building is used to create unity within groups through the use of cooking classes and competitions.  Team building has been used for those who work to serve others, schools and those in current programs.

Some or None...

You may ask; "why not charge for what you do?" This is a valid question.  However, we feel led to be able to offer our services to all we encounter not just those who can afford coaching.  We feel God has gifted us and wants us to share what we do with those who will benefit but may not be able to afford it.  This is similar to the "sliding scale" but we chose to leave it to the individual to pay what they can truly afford, if they can afford anything at all.

Why we do this

We believe all people have worth! We also believe many people have areas in their lives which they would like to achieve different results. These results may be in the areas of their personal life, marriage or relationships, career, or in their health and wellness. However, many of these people fall into one of two categories; (1) they have not had the opportunity to achieve different results, or (2) they simply do not know how to do so

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    As a chef of over 25 years I am often asked, "what does a chef eat at home?" are some of things I fix at home! All of the profits go to helping families live happier, healthier lives.

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