"On a mission for missions"

Vision statement 

We envision a world in which every person comes to know the joy, love and judgement of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement

God has assigned us to increase evangelism, missionary knowledge and servant leaders within churches and people groups both locally and internationally. To develop training grounds to reach the unreached areas that don’t know Christ.

Impact Statement

Our focus is to mobilize and enhance Christians everywhere to fulfill The Great Commission without hesitation, doubt, or fear. We Will Go and share the Gospel using information, Scriptures, music, visual and performing arts, connecting with people internationally at churches, events, and conferences to introduce and ignite evangelism, souls to the kingdom, missionary knowledge ,hope, healing and leadership.



JackieO. Kelley (aka) JackieO. I am thankful to be known as a God loving, Bible Believing, Breast Cancer Surviving (25 years), Independent, Inspirational Gospel Recording Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Author and Visual Artist. After singing songs and playing piano in my home town for three decades I decided to pursue my dreams and motivate others to do the same. I am humbled to have won several awards in the music field, and my music has aired on many independent radio stations throughout the country.

Recently JackieO. was again tested by some news that she had contacted cancer a second time. This really tested her faith that after 25 years to hear such news. But, JackieO. knew what to do and she relied completely on God’s word and that if he did it before he can do it again. After following the doctor’s advice she had an operation and through much prayer she was examined again and was found to be cancer free! JackieO. released a video called “Stronger” as a cancer survivor anthem, that when trails or sickness afflict us we can become “Stronger” through Christ.

She also wrote and produced several songs on three CD’s titled “All About You” “Forgiven” and a new CD release called “Stepping Out, Moving Forward” which has been and will be an inspiration to many. She has a passion to make music that impacts the world with the message of the Salvation of Jesus Christ. She just finish her 1st book called “Forgiven” that gives insight and the motivation to why and how I wrote these songs on her CD “Forgiven”. Be on the lookout for her 2nd book “Stepping Out, Moving Forward”.


Win Souls for the Kingdom of God through His Son Jesus Christ


  • To use talents to further the Gospel of Jesus.


Ministry Focus

  • Artist Networking/Mobilizing
  • Live Presentation/Performance
  • Worship Facilitation

Artistic Expression

  • Music Performance/Production/Songwriting
  • Speaking/Teaching/Story-Telling
  • Visual Arts/Graphic Design/Photography


  • 1 CD for donation of  $10 -3 CD's for donation of $25.00

    1 CD for donation of $10 -3 CD's for donation of $25.00

    All About You CD
    Forgiven CD
    Stepping Out, Moving Forward

  • Limited Edition Print for $50. donation

    Limited Edition Print for $50. donation

    JackieO.'s Prints of her original paintings

    $0.00 ea.

  • Stepping Out Moving  Forward Book

    Stepping Out Moving Forward Book

    JackieO. book

    $10.00 ea.

  • Forgiven Book

    Forgiven Book

    JackieO. 's Book Forgiven

    $10.00 ea.

  • Focus on Jesus and Not the Storm God's Non-Negotiables to Christians in America - Insider Tells ALL!

    Focus on Jesus and Not the Storm God's Non-Negotiables to Christians in America - Insider Tells ALL!

    Evangelist Keith A. Kelley's Book

    $10.00 ea.



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